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FillTheDoc is a powerful tool to fetch data from multiple systems and processes into one - or more documents.

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Powerful contract engine

Dynamic forms

Conditionally hide steps, fields, and options to keep your user happy by only asking relevant questions

Scripted templates

Use extended mustache notation with JavaScript expressions to tackle complexity in your contracts

The rules should be adhered to in accordance
to Article {{ $[3] }}.

{{#each exceptions}}
  With the exception of {{ .text }} as
  stated in {{ .reference }}.
  Without any exceptions.

External data

Fetch data from any external webservice with a JSON REST API, to use it in your form or template

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fillthedoc is the most powerful document engine we have ever seen. It handles our clients' complex real estate agreement instantly saving them 50% in drafting time.
Jurjen Thomas, Founding Partner OSRE

Jurjen Thomas

Founding Partner OSRE

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